Below you will read, about me. 


  This is what I believe in

 what I want you to know about me

    what captures the essence of me  


Just as I am an evolving being, it will evolve with me as I grow.

Music and art are about being unique, about sharing and exploring profundity, creating a world which makes sense to you and daring to invite others to experience it. 

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Unconsciously began her journey outside the box. She now consciously continues; discovering the outside.


AnnaMarie Ignarro


Sometimes wishes to fit in the box.


AnnaMarie Ignarro

Knows she will never fit inside the box.


The box exists as one possibility.

It is not a complete reflection of her soul.

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Believes that loving is an acceptance of vulnerability.

Having love for yourself.

Radiating love.

Expanding the confines of love.

Being vulnerable is caressing the rawness of your skin.

Inviting others to a place dove le parole non ti servono.

Opening the energies of essere umani, allowing the cycle to repeat   


. . . again . . . 

. . . and again . . . 

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Believes in the poetry of human connection - effortlessly flowing in and out - bleeding through actions.

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Savours c o n t r a s t s

....yet thinks contrasts are ironic because she lives as one and hasn’t fully embraced it 

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Will repeat her name until she reaches an understanding.

One name, bearing the identities of two strong women.   


The seeds protected in the rich soil of their journey have created succulent fruits,

Within me, and independent of me.

One name, family history, my unfolding dreams.

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Is happily a kitchen person

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Is looking forward to meet others who also consider themselves kitchen people.

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Believes in remaining o p e n and respectful towards what we do not know.

AnnaMarie Ignarro

Experienced a search for answers

in the eyes of another.

Dedicated intensity

the weight of reality, suspended.

Then, in the stillness of awareness, appeared a gift.


                      A mirror

            My eyes, their eyes

            My eyes, my eyes



A realisation of existence

A dance of recognition

we are never alone

In ourselves we are present --- also when connecting to others.